Adoption procedures for Animal Rescue Organizations

Having adoption procedures and policies in place is critical for all animal rescues and shelters. The team at Animal Welfare Organization Insurance Program has developed a series of adoption procedures, policies and applications for animal shelters and rescues to implement. Below is a sample beginning statement for animal adoption policies.

Why adopt?

When you decide to adopt an animal from [Animal Rescue] you are joining hundreds of thousands of people who have added to their families with an animal from one of our locations. You are also helping to support an organization that is there for you throughout the life of your pet—with socialization and play group opportunities, training classes, pet boarding, a pet behavior helpline and events for you and your pet.

You are quite possibly saving a life—and enhancing yours. You are also helping to support the hundreds of thousands of animals that come through the doors of organizations like ours annually.
You make a difference when you adopt from the [Animal Rescue]. When you adopt one animal you are advocating for all animals.

Adoption Policies and Procedures

The [Animal Rescue] receives animals from individuals who are no longer able to care for their pets as well as animals that are lost or abandoned. We are looking for people who are willing to provide permanent, loving homes for these animals.

Please consider carefully the time and money required to own a pet before you make the decision to adopt. Owning a pet is a lifetime commitment.

All animals that are available for adoption have passed an evaluation based on their known history, health and temperament. Animals remain available at our Adoption Centers as long as their good health and behavior continue. There is no time limit for how long an animal may remain on our adoption floors.

For a complete guide, contact the team at Animal Welfare Organization Insurance program at 800-673-2558 today.






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