Animal Rescue Accident Investigation

Accident investigation plans are an essential portion of every non-profit animal rescue’s best practice manual. The team at Animal Welfare Organization Insurance Program has created a whitepaper that gives examples, ideas, and tips on how to implement an accident investigation plan in your animal rescue.


Accident prevention is the key to eliminating possibility of injury to employees, volunteers, the public and property loss. Learning from past accidents is one of the key elements in accident prevention. This paper addresses the procedures to be followed for all accidents resulting in employee injury or property damage.



  • Conduct accident prevention and investigation training for supervisors
  • Ensure all accidents and injuries are investigated
  • Ensure immediate and long term corrective actions are taken to prevent re-occurrence
  • Maintain Accident Reports permanently on file
  • Ensure proper entries are made on the OSHA 200 Log and First Report of Injury
  • Provide all necessary medical care for injured workers


  • Immediately report all accidents & injuries to their supervisor
  • Assist as requested in all accident investigations
  • Report all hazardous conditions and near-misses

Supervisor Involvement

In most cases, the area Supervisor conducts the investigation. Direct supervisors are familiar with employee's work environment & assigned tasks. The Supervisor is the person who must take the accident situation under control and immediately eliminate or control hazards to others.

Immediate Steps
1. Provide First Aid for any injured persons.
2. Eliminate or control hazards
3. Document accident scene information to determine the cause.
4. Interview witnesses immediately.

For the complete whitepaper, contact Animal Welfare Organization Insurance Program at 800-673-2558 today.







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