A Guide to Insurance for Animal Rescues and Shelters

Finding insurance for animal rescues, shelters, humane societies, and sanctuaries is often a hard task to accomplish for directors and volunteers. Insurance policies, terms and coverages are difficult to understand and premiums are often too high for you to afford. There are a few easy steps you can follow that will make finding insurance for your animal welfare organization less stressful and less time consuming.

Step 1: Create an insurance folder. Many insurance agencies and companies request the same information in order to provide an insurance quote for. By having commonly asked for details and documents, you will decrease the number of phone calls and emails in the insurance process. Here are a few items you may want to secure:

  • Animal Welfare Organization contact information
  • Description of the services your animal welfare organization provides to the community
  • Copy of you Adoption application, policies and procedures
  • Copy of your Foster application, policies, and procedures
  • Copy of you Volunteer application and trainings
  • Requirements for any events or fundraisers you plan on attending
  • Names & contact information for certificate holders or additional insureds
  • Loss Runs from your current carrier or a letter signed stating you have had no losses
  • Any additional policies, procedures, and trainings you may have in place

Step 2: Contact an insurance agency that specializes in offering insurance animal welfare organizations and is willing to answer your questions and concerns. A general insurance agent may not understand the exclusive needs of animal welfare organizations. By making the decision to work with an agent that specializes in the animal welfare field and does not breed discriminate, you can be assured that your needs will be understood and any and satisfied.

Step 3: Understand what is offered. There are many unique types of insurance available to animal welfare organizations and it is important that you understand the benefits of these options so you can make a well informed choice that is best for your organization.

  • Business Auto Insurance
  • Commercial property Insurance
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Umbrella/ Excess Insurance

The best way to understand the benefits of these various insurance types is to ask for a detailed explanation or a coverage detail sheet that lists the benefits and common examples of where these coverages will protect your animal welfare organization. You can also visit our resource page for descriptions.

Step 4: Keep your insurance updated. Once you have purchased insurance for your animal welfare organization, notify your insurance agent of any changes or new events that occur in your daily operations. This will help to ensure that your organization is properly protected at all times. Items that you should notify your agent of include:

  • Has your organization purchased or had a new automobile donated?
  • Have you moved locations?
  • Has your mailing address changed?
  • Have you expanded or decreased the types of services you offer your communities?
  • Have you had any new equipment donated?
  • Have you added a new adoption event or fundraiser?

For a more detailed list of items, contact your insurance agent today.

By following these 4 easy steps to purchasing insurance for your animal welfare organization, you will the find the insurance process less stressful and less time-consuming. The team at Animal Welfare Organization Insurance Program would be happy to answer any further questions you may have or you can request a rapid quote by visiting our online animal welfare organization insurance quote page.







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