Examples of Possible Claims for Animal Welfare Organizations

It is true that even small nonprofit animal welfare organizations are at risk of being sued. Insurance can help to protect your organization in the event a lawsuit is filed. There are many stories of lawsuits being filed, please review the possible claims that your animal welfare organization may be open to:

  1. You have about $3,000 worth of property in your home for your foster-based rescue and your home is destroyed in a fire ruining these items. Your homeowner’s policy does not provide coverage for business property (including Nonprofits). The right animal welfare organization insurance policy would extend coverage and cover the cost of replacing these needed items.

  2. A potential adopter comes to your home or a foster home to meet a dog or cat and while there they slip and fall injuring themselves. Homeowner’s policies don’t provide coverage for injuries related to business. Having a liability insurance policy in place that extends to your foster homes is essential in an instance like this.

  3. You are showing dogs or cats at a local adoption event and a visitor trips over a leash or worse, is bitten unexpectedly by one of the animals and files a lawsuit against your organizations. Liability insurance provides defense costs and settlement costs for lawsuits like this one.

  4. A female board member is forced off the board because their decisions don’t match the overall mission of the nonprofit animal welfare organization. That former board member files a lawsuit against the remaining board members claiming she was discriminated against.  Directors & Officers liability insurance could protect your board members from losing their personal assets if a lawsuit like this occurs.  

  5. A volunteer is transporting one the organization’s animals and causes a car accident. The other parties are injured and file a lawsuit against your organization.  Business auto insurance is important to have in place because the volunteer’s personal auto doesn’t provide coverage for business.







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