Animal Welfare Organization Testimonials

AWOIP has been extremely helpful in negotiating terms that meet our specific needs. When we did have a claim to settle, it was settled quickly to the satisfaction of all with no trouble or haggling.  We would recommend AWOIP to any shelter or rescue group that is seeking insurance.  Harmony Reina has been particularly pleasant to work with and responsive to our needs.  I will be recommending AWOIP to several rescue groups we work with.

   Frederica Szilagi, For Our Friends, Inc.

We searched forever for an insurance company to cover our 501(c)3 non-profit rescue organization. Most insurance companies didn't have a plan set up for the animal rescues and had no understanding of our needs.  Thank goodness for AWOIP! They are right on top of what our needs are and we really enjoy the mailings with current news and tips to help us to help homeless animals in our area.  We are very safety minded, but having this insurance in place really takes a weight off of our shoulders in the event we were to ever need it. Great people and organization.

Patty Boren, Terrell Animal Alliance

As a new rescue in 2011, we had difficulty connecting with an insurance company that was familiar with what we did.  Most had no idea what were about or how to properly insure us. Your staff understood our business and what types of coverage we needed to cover the risks we face. We are an all volunteer group and that seemed to cause confusion also as we did not fit into the standard business mold.  Working with an insurance group that "gets it" is a big relief to our leadership and one less thing to distract us from our mission of rescuing dogs.

Joyce Sanford, Southern Arizona Golden Retriever Rescue

Your help and understanding of the rescue world is of utmost importance to us. We are not a business with 'things' for sale. We deal in emotions and flesh and blood. You understand the work we do and you enable us to keep doing it. We appreciate your knowledge of rescues. Your kindness and hard work are benefitting so many. If we can help to promote your work by telling others who need this kind of insurance, we would be happy to let them know that you are a quality organization dedicated to the welfare of those we protect. AWOIP has helped us to keep doing our rescue work. Other insurance companies talk but they don't understand the difference between rescue and breeding. There is a world of difference. God bless you for your caring.

MARILYN FAUGHNER, Rescue Coordinator
Save a Yorkie Rescue

 "The board of our small, new organization has ZERO expierience with buying insurance, but AWOIP helped us through the entire process, patiently answering all the questions that uninformed people ask, questions they likely have heard so many times, they can answer them in their sleep.  Should we ever have a claim, I am sure we can anticipate the same courteous treatment.

         ~ Donna Chambers            

               Animal Alliance of Greather Syracuse        

  "I quickly realized how much AWOIP cares about animals after browsing their website and know they could specifically cater to our needs as an animal welfare organization! We were paying thousands more to a company that provides much less protection. We now feel we are in good hands with AWOIP."

Kimberly, Middleburg Humane Foundation

AWOIP has been wonderful to our organization. Not only are their prices the most reasonable I have researched, but also their service is unbeatable.  Our agent, has been especially helpful in solving dilemmas, instructing me on how to fill out forms, etc. and in handling claims. We are so fortunate to have them on our side. We feel secure in the knowledge that someone in the corporate world understands what it is like to be a non-profit organization in these times of high finance, high technology, and high litigation.

        Christine Daniels, Spay & Save, Inc.

Harmony has been very helpful in the insurance quoting process and providing all we needed in a swift and effective manner.  Our animal rescue organization has spent a great deal of time collecting quotes from other insurance providers, but found AWOIP to be the most affordable and efficients, with no breed restrictions.  We are happy to be working with this carrier and have had a great start with communication and professionalism.  The pricing of our policy seems very reasonable and fair and we are very satisfied with the process of coverage thus far.  We look forward to a continued business relationship with AWOIP.

Jamie Geesaman, Buddy Up Animal Society










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