Dog Liability Insurance

"Dangerous Dog" Liability Coverage

An increasing number of cities and counties around the country are requiring liability insurance for dogs deemed Dangerous, Aggressive, Vicious or potentially dangerous. This is especially true if a dog is found by the courts to have bitten a person or another dog. Animal Welfare Organization Insurance Program can place dog liability insurance protection so you and your best friend can stay together for life.

Is your Dog EXCLUDED from your Homeowner's Insurance?

Your pets may be more of a liability to you than you realize. In fact, many dog breeds are specifically excluded from traditional homeowner’s insurance policies. This means that anything from digging and playful nips to injurious bites or even provoked attacks could easily leave you vulnerable to a devastating lawsuit. Did you know that 4.7 million dog bites happen every year making dog-related damage the biggest cause of homeowner’s insurance claims? As a result, many insurance companies are limiting dog bite insurance coverage or excluding animal liability coverage altogether. With increasingly strict state and local regulations being enforced across the country, animal liability and dog bite insurance coverage are things that every dog owner should consider.

Dog liability insurance and dog bite liability insurance coverage will provide you with peace of mind, knowing you have filled the gaps and exclusions in your traditional policies. Most insurers have breed restrictions for dog liability insurance and dog bite insurance coverage. At AWOIP, we provide the coverage that you need no matter what the breed! Get started today!

Fill out our Dog Liability Insurance application below or call 1-800-673-2558, Extension 114 to complete the application by phone.

Insurance coverage is not currently available in Texas.






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