Resource Center for Animal Shelters and Rescues

Animal shelters and rescues are valuable assets to the local communities they serve. The team at AWOIP enjoys hearing each of your stories of successful adoptions and continues to brainstorm ways to help animal shelters, foster-based rescue groups, and other animal welfare organizations outside of the insurance world.

Right here in the Animal Welfare Resource Center you will find valuable information on policies, procedures, forms, and marketing tips for your animal welfare organization.

  1. Accident Investigation - The steps an animal rescue or shelter need to take in the event there is an incident to investigate and accident
  2. Adoption Procedures - Procedures, policies, and tips on how to successfully implement an adoption process in your animal shelter or rescue
  3. Applications for Animal Shelter/Rescue Insurance - download applications or complete our online insurance application to request an insurance proposal for your animal shelter or rescue
  4. Claim Examples 
  5. Dog Bite Insurance 
  6. Frequently Asked Questions 
  7. Free Advertising for Your Animal Shelter or Rescue 
  8. Implementing a Volunteer Program - How to implement a volunteer program that gives your dependable and knowledgeable volunteers that keep returning!
  9. Guide to Understanding Insurance for Animal Welfare Organizations  
  10. Stay Out of the Dog House - How to keep your animal welfare organization protected.
  11. Understanding Coverages - What does your insurance policy really cover? 

If you and your animal shelter are in need of additional information not listed on this page, please contact our office at 800-673-2558.






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