What does that Insurance Lingo Really Mean?

Each Occurrence- Accident or loss that occurs at a specific time & place, or over a period of time.

Aggregate- Total amount of money paid out by an insurance company for the policy term. AWOIP’s policy term is one year.

General Liability- Providing protection should a visitor to your organization trip and fall resulting in an injury and/or a lawsuit OR a loss from an animal bite.  This coverage includes both bodily injury and property damage to 3rd parties (i.e. volunteers, visitors).

Professional Liability- Also called Errors & Omissions- Providing protection for professional services you other volunteers who working for the organization.  Coverage also is included for claims or lawsuits resulting from boarding, grooming, and animal control officers.

Personal Injury-  Provides coverage for lawsuits arising from slander or false arrest as a result of your calling the police due to a visitor attempting to come into the organization that was not known or invited or may not be permitted.  It also provides coverage for slander of another person or organization. 

Advertising Injury- Provides coverage for unintentional false advertisement or misrepresentation in advertising.  If you misrepresent your organization through a newsletter or on your Website regarding the services and animals your organization has for adoption to attract more customers, and it results in a claim then this would be covered.

Products & Completed Operations Liability- Provides coverage if an animal is put into a new home and becomes aggressive causing injury or property damage to the home or a third party.  This coverage also applies to an animal getting food poisoning as a result of the food prepared by the organization resulting in a lawsuit.

Directors & Officer’s Liability- Provides coverage for Directors and Officers of an organization if they are sued for misrepresentation or Breach of Duty by the public or a fellow Board Member.

Employment Practices Liability- Provides coverage for wrongful termination suits for both employees and volunteers.

Medical Payments- coverage that reimburses others for medical or funeral expenses to a third party as a result of bodily injury or death by accident under the conditions specified in the policy. 

Volunteer Medical Expense

Customers of AWOIP have access to volunteer medical expense through the Association For Animal Welfare. To become a member, the member is simply asked to pay $200 for annual dues membership.

Volunteer medical expense pays for a volunteer being injured while performing duties for the organization. Each volunteer is covered up to $50,000 and there is NO DEDUCTIBLE.

Non-Owned Auto Liability

Non-Owned Auto Liability was specifically designed to protect animal welfare organizations from loss due to employees or volunteers driving their personal vehicles for tasks specific to the organization.

An example of this protection is if an employee of volunteer is sued and organization is included in that lawsuit as a result of an auto accident that occurred when the employee or volunteer was transporting animals to new homes.

Coverage options include $100,000 in coverage for $100/year.

Animal Care Custody & Control Liability

Animal Care, Custody & Control offers protection in the event that an animal under your care becomes sick, lame, or dies while he/she is not legally owned under the insured organization.






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